Mentoring African Research in Mathematics (MARM)
Call for prospective departments

The MARM awards will focus on building infrastructure and networking in mathematics in Africa.  They offer postgraduate scholarships, visiting lectureships and conference support for the benefit of advanced students and young researchers in the mathematical sciences, helping to improve research and graduate education in the longer term.

The MARM programme will support mentoring relationships between mathematicians in the United Kingdom and continental Europe and African colleagues in Africa, together with their students.  During the project period the aim is to create four mentoring collaborations in mathematical research, involving the following:

•    short visits by UK and European mathematicians to African institutions and reciprocal visits by African mathematicians to their colleagues in UK and European institutions;
•    creation of joint research projects between UK and European mathematicians, their colleagues in Africa and doctoral students of those colleagues;
•    graduate student fellowships;
•    research support.

We are looking for departments of mathematics in Africa that are interested in being part of these mentoring collaborations.  We welcome expressions of interest from those with no prior experience of collaboration with UK or European mathematicians.  The expression of interest should:

•    specify the areas of mathematics in which collaboration is sought, in order of priority;
•    indicate willingness to host a short visit from a UK or European mathematician and to allow a mathematician from the department to make a short visit to the UK or Europe;
•    express a commitment to a continuing mentoring responsibility.

The success of the collaborations will be evaluated by asking whether the research collaboration has:

•    resulted in a mathematical publication in a research mathematics journal of international standing?
•    produced an MSc or PhD thesis?
•    formed the basis of an on-going research group? or
•    resulted in programmatic improvements in or outside support for advanced mathematics at the host institution?


Further information is available and submission forms can be downloaded from this LINK.

To discuss potential partnerships or to submit an expression of interest please contact:
Professor Wandera Ogana
AMMSI Secretary/Executive Director
School of Mathematics
University of Nairobi
PO Box 30197
GPO 00100

Tel    : +254 786 234 678

The deadline for the submission of expressions of interest is Friday 30 August 2019.

Return a scanned copy of the application form to



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